Kind Customer Comments

Just a few of our favorite customer comments...

"I usually don't try samples in the store as they all taste alike. Not so with yours! It was so good! Everyone around me was sampling and all agreed it was the best ever! My grandmother is Italian, and this tastes just like she use to make. You have a winner in this delicious sauce. Wish you had a restaurant!"
Rosemary Lourcey
Fort Worth, TX

"Other than homemade (I'm 100% Italian) - this is the best sauce my husband and I have ever had. Can't wait to taste your other two products!"
Cindy Lehmann
San Jose, CA

"I am the co-owner of a new gift box business. We focus on bringing our customers the best in Texas gourmet foods. Your Diavolo Puttanesca sauce is HANDS DOWN the best sauce we've found! We'd like to include your sauce in our gift boxes. Thank you!"
Rebecca Underwood
Southland, TX

"Can't believe this comes in a jar! It's the only sauce I've ever had that's PERFECT as is! I usually add other ingredients to make sauces my own, but not with yours!"
Lance Bustrum
El Segundo, CA

"Yours is one of the true, quality sauces with unique flavor, body, texture and color. I was stunned by its energy and flavor. You are to be congratulated. Continue the wonderful tradition. Your web site is a knockout as well. Of course, it would be. As someone who has tried sauces from all over the world (literally) --- I congratulate and thank you for your products."
Robert Vargo
Youngstown, OH

"I love this sauce. It's what I always wanted in my own sauce. I am thankful that it was not the most expensive sauce that Central Market sold because I would not be able to afford to buy it. And I have to admit that I never thought anything so Italian could be found in Texas. (I miss the Northeast) If only you made pizza.
Laura Aponte
Dallas, TX

"I would like to know the best way to purchase your zesty marinara. I love it. It tastes homemade."
Angela Castellon
Metairie, LA

"I tasted your sauce one time while they were serving samples and I have been hooked on it ever since. I use to make my own sauce until I tried yours. I hate to say it but yours is better. Have you ever thought of starting a restaurant? We would be your best customers."
Virginia Freeland
Dallas, TX

"Can't believe this comes in a jar! It's the only sauce I've ever had that's PERFECT as is! I usually add other ingredients to make sauces my own, but not with yours!"
Lance Bustrum
El Segundo, CA

"I grew up in Philly and you have REAL marinara."
Edward Coyle
Flower Mound, TX

"I am Italian and grew up with my grandma making the best sauce I have ever tasted in my life. A couple of months ago, they were offering samples of your sauce at Central Market. When I tried your sauce, I was stopped in my tracks. This is my grandma's sauce; it is amazing sauce and the best on the marketplace today. I will never use any other product again. I am 46 years old, a single mom and make meatballs and pasta, on the average of once a week. I also make my own homemade Italian bread crumbs and have my own secret recipe for meatballs. When I used your sauce for the first time allowing my meatballs to simmer in your sauce for a couple of hours, it was an unbelievable match. I just made 5 pounds of meatballs this past Sunday, it is the best batch I have ever made and my son looked at me a moment ago after eating his third helping in the past 3 days to let me know, "MOM, This is the best sauce and meatballs you have ever made. I have worked on a recipe for years and now with your sauce it is perfect. "Thank you for sharing your family's sauce with the public, It Is AMAZING!" I will always use your sauce in everything Italian I make from this point on. Never change one herb or amount of ingredients or combination, it really is perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" >
Roseanne Gullo
Plano, TX

"My wife and I sampled your sauce at the store and brought 2 jars home. That night I sautéed scallops in garlic and butter. Made our favorite pasta. I added your zesty marinara to the scallops, then added the pasta. It was the best! Better than any sauce we have tasted. The way the sauce clung to the pasta was shear heaven. Great job!"
Randy Spruchman
Plano, TX

"I can only buy your delicious sauces at central Market in FT Worth. Will Whole Foods in Arlington will carry your sauce again?"
Felice Arata
Arlington, TX

"I went back home to La. for Xmas several years ago and ran by Tony's. He convinced me to try your sauce. Having eaten homemade pasta sauces all my life I am not a fan of store bought pasta sauce. I bought several jars just to try. INCREDIBLE. I can honestly say it's some of the best sauce I've tasted. Now I can create a great meal without all the prep time."
Sharon Cicero
Tullahoma, TN

"This is my first time trying your sauce, I always make my own sauce from scratch. I stuck my finger on the lid and said wow! your sauce taste like mine so I just boiled the pasta cooked the turkey meat and I was finished, go figure. thank you for my Easter dinner... in 20 min."
C. Miller
Oakland, CA

"I am Italian and grew up with my mother's sauce which was the best sauce in our New York neighborhood. My husband and I were on vacation in Oregon and we purchased a jar of Blumetti's Zesty Marinara sauce. I was hesitant to purchase the sauce because, frankly, "store bought" sauce is totally disgusting. By the time we returned from vacation, I had forgotten I purchased it. I usually make sauce on the weekend because of the length of cooking time necessary to obtain that wonderful flavor. While I was in the process of assembling all the ingredients, my husband reminded me that we purchased a jar of your sauce. I decided to try it, thinking that the worse case scenario would be that it would taste as disgusting as the others I have tried, and I would just throw it down the garbage disposal. When I opened the jar, I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful aroma and the consistency of the sauce. As the sauce was heating, the scent of "homemade" sauce wafted throughout the house. My husband came into the kitchen and said, "I thought you weren't going to make your homemade sauce." I told him it wasn't mine, it was Blumetti's. Within minutes, we were sitting down to a wonderful pasta dinner. Needless to say, my pantry will now be stocked with Blumetti's sauce. Thank you for bringing a sauce to the marketplace that Italians can truly be proud of."
CeCe Davila
Sacramento, CA

"Tried the sauce last night, what a gift, enjoyed it thoroughly. Wonderful savory flavor and fresh taste."
Pamela Melvin
Flower Mound, TX

"This is my first time to try your sauce. It is FABULOUS !! Do you ship? Have a catalog? Any store near me?...I must have more !!!"
Betty Walker
Opelousas, LA

"I think your sauce is unbelievable. Where can I purchase it in my area? Is it available online. If I can buy it I will never make sauce again. It is wonderful."
Roseanne Gill-Jacobson
Greenville, PA

"Please have your supplier contact us about carrying your products. I have had customer requests for the sauces. Thanks."
Roy Pope Grocery
Fort Worth, TX

"I've tried almost every sauce on the market and your sauce is the Best Yet.... Thanks!"
Robert Van Hoy
San Joseq, CA

"On my last visit to central market, I could not find the sauce--and I do not want to live without it--it is the best!! Can you ship? Thank you."
Deborah Cronin
Lewisville, TX

"I am so happy to know that I can order online because we are moving to Arizona, and I don't know if any local stores there carry your products."
Robin McConnell
Woodside, CA

"I tasted your wonderful sauce at my brother's home in Houston. Please let me know where I can find sauce in my area."
Richard Reiser
Long Beach, CA

"I'll never make my own sauce again. Blumetti's is truly wonderful. THANK YOU!!"
Wava Zorker
San Jose, CA

"It is quite literally the best. Please stock it at other, nearer grocery stores, i.e., Tom Thumb, Wal-Mart, Neighborhood markets."
Ruth Canon
Dallas, TX

"I would like to know which stores carry your sauce in the Dallas area. I was given 2 jars of sauce in a gift basket and it was great? Just need to know the closet store to purchase more. Have a great week!"
Cathy Johnson
Irving, TX

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