The Blumetti Family Story

I can clearly remember, even back to the age of four, the zealot like enthusiasm for my grandmother's sauce creations. As a young child in her kitchen, I was allowed to "help" as she made her many wonderful sauces for family and friends. So exceptional were those sauces that by the time dinner was on the table, grandma's efforts had usually been "sampled" to almost nothing. Upon this discovery, wooden spoon in hand, she would deliver her routine scolding. "Can't you wait for the pasta!" To which, the less than repentant crowd, huddled around the stove would respond, "It's just too good, we can't wait for pasta!"

One day, while observing yet another reprimand of the sauce bandits, I became concerned that my grandmother might be truly upset by this constant thievery. "Grandma," I said. "Does it make you feel bad when everyone eats your sauce before the pasta's made?" "No," she said. Confused, I ask, "But grandma, you get mad every time they eat the sauce before the pasta's made?" Wryly she replied, "I'm not really mad. I know they can't resist my sauce!" Failure to resist grandma's sauces was something I clearly understood. "Grandma, why does your sauce taste so good?" "I have a secret," she said. "My grandma taught it to me and her grandma taught her."

I was surprised and curious at the same time. I had watched her countless times in the preparation and cooking. I had thought I knew every step. Could I have missed the potent magic that created such devotion? Cautiously, but optimistic, I risked another question. "Grandma, will you tell me the secret?" She just smiled, cupped my face in her hands and with a kiss whispered, "I put the love in it."

As life would have it, many years later my own children began to notice all the fuss over "Daddy's sauce". One evening while spooning gobs of "Zesty Marinara" from the jar, my son, four-years old at the time; looked up at me and asked, "Daddy, why does your sauce taste so good?" I just smiled, paused to take in the beauty of that moment and said ... "Because, I put the love in it!"

In re-creating these family sauces, I've never forgotten what my grandmother said to me that day. So, I've made absolutely sure that each and every jar of Blumetti's Classic Italian Gold sauces are infused with that same special magic, creating something truly extraordinary.

Jim Blumetti

Super Premium
Gourmet Pasta Sauce

Produced exclusively in Micro Batches to enhance the intense flavors and guarantee our genuine homemade taste.

Consistanly creating something truly extraordinary!

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