The Blumetti Family Business

More than 200 years ago...

these unique sauces were first created by the Blumetti Family in the town of Alba, Italy. Alba is located in the north-west corner of the area known as Southern Piemonte, near the city of Turin.

Turin has long been known the world over as a connoisseurs paradise and the home of the most Epicurean of treasures, the white truffle. proximity to France has created Italy's most refined cuisine. Many wine experts believe its vineyards produce the greatest wine in the world, surpassing even that of the finest French Bordeaux. All this rich tradition has greatly influenced the making of this extraordinary product.

Throughout the years the Blumetti Family recipe for this rich and wholesome sauce has been passed down from generation to generation with very little change. Today the Blumetti Family still carefully guards the secret of the exquisite product.

Super Premium
Gourmet Pasta Sauce

Produced exclusively in Micro Batches to enhance the intense flavors and guarantee our genuine homemade taste.

Consistanly creating something truly extraordinary!

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